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Since 1991, The Edmond-Howard Network has helped over 50 wireless companies worldwide increase their sales, increase their ARPU, reduce their COA, and improve their customer loyalty. We help companies achieve these goals through highly-customized wireless sales training programs for the major channels of distribution: retail, indirect, B2B, and national enterprise.


Why hownet?
If you’re looking for a big consulting company with a big attitude we’re the wrong choice for you.

A larger view
Facts are like bricks and in most wireless sales training you’ll get a pile of them dumped on your lap. But it takes more than bricks to build a house. At hownet we show you what the house looks like first: the larger view of the wireless sales and management strategies that work best in retail, indirect, or business-to-business sales, so you know where the bricks go and what to do with them.

Relevant content
We’re amazed when we see cellular sales training try to force square enterprise sales and management skills into round retail spaces. Instead we’ve customized every word in every program we’ve developed to look, smell, and taste like the challenges retail, indirect, and B2B representatives face selling wireless in each of their environments.

Super glue
Manufacturers, carriers, retailers, distributors, and technology providers each have their agenda. Unfortunately some agendas conflict with others. Hownet helps the cellular industry identify and refocus on common goals. We redefine wireless sales training as the glue that creates cohesion in a fragmented industry.

Tools that work
The truth is good wireless sales training without reinforcement is good for nothing. Hownet wireless cellular sales training says to your people: Here’s what we expect you to do; here’s how to do it; and here’s how often you must do it for you to be successful. Hownet wireless sales training also explains why and gives you customized management tools to verify your people’s performance.

Experience that matters
Ask Ed Legum and he may tell you how he sold his first wireless device in 1974. Since 1991 hownet has trained and consulted with over 50 wireless companies both large and small to help them increase their activations, sell new wireless data products, improve their ARPU, and reduce their churn. We would love an opportunity to show you how.

An easy call
Call me at 800-Ed Legum. I’m not kidding, that’s really my number. I’m easy to find and easy to talk to. Or you can email me at .