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Ed Legum on Training

A larger view
Facts are like bricks and in most retail training you'll get a pile of them dumped on your lap. But it takes more than bricks to build a house. At hownet we show you what the house looks like first: the larger view of the experience that can create loyal customers. We'll create on-brand training that anchors on the experience, so your people will know where the building blocks of sales and management go and what to do with them.

Relevant content
We're amazed when we see training try to force square sales skills into round wireless spaces. Instead we've customized every word in every program we've developed to look, smell, and taste like the challenges wireless retail and B2B salespeople face selling convergent telecom products and services in the field or on the floor: it's where the action is.

Super glue
Manufacturers, carriers, retailers, distributors, and content providers each have their agenda. Unfortunately some agendas conflict with others. Hownet helps the convergent telecom industry identify and refocus on common goals. We redefine training as the glue that creates cohesion in a fragmented industry.

Tools that work
The truth is good training without reinforcement is good for nothing. Hownet training says to your people: Here's what we expect you to do; here's how to do it; and here's how often you must do it for you to be successful. Hownet training also explains why and gives you customized management tools to verify your people's performance.

Experience that matters
If you're looking for a big consulting company with a big attitude we're the wrong choice for you. We were born, raised, and work on the street. (Ask me and I may tell you how I sold my first wireless device in 1974.) Since 1991, hownet has trained and consulted with over 50 telecom companies both large and small to help them increase their activations, sell new products and services, improve their profits, and create loyal customers. We'd love an opportunity to do the same for you.

Our definition of innovation in training is simply this: We'll create a compelling on-brand experience for your people and fill them with the enthusiasm they need to create new customers.

Ed Legum is President of The Edmond-Howard Network. A pioneer in high technology sales and management strategy since 1971, Ed started his career in electronics retailing with Tandy Corporation, where he rose to become the company's audio product manager, responsible for 20 percent of RadioShack's $3,000,000,000 in annual sales.
Ed entered the field of telecommunications in 1984 as Vice President of American Phone Centers. Responsible for all advertising, merchandising, and sales training, the company became the fastest growing interconnect in America, selling 3,000 business phone systems in 18 months.
Ed started The Edmond-Howard Network in 1986, specializing in sales training, management training, and marketing support services for the telecom industry. Since 1991, Ed has worked extensively within the wireless and telecom industries, developing and delivering customized training and consulting programs for over 50 wireless companies including Alltel Mobile, AT&T Wireless Services, Sprint PCS, Nextel, US Cellular, Bell Mobility, Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile, SunCom, and Verizon Wireless, and Verizon Plus.
Ed is the author of Wireless Ways, the wireless industry's bible for growing distribution channels, and the New Directions in Wireless series of training programs for retail, indirect, and business-to-business sales and management. He also authored the style guide, The Design of Workbooks and has received rave reviews for his new in-depth study, New Profits in Wireless Retailing.

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