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What are the burning issues in wireless sales today?
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Why do these issues matter?
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What do you and your company do to help solve these problems?
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Who are your clients and how do you work with them?
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What's the payoff for your clients?
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How do you work with The Edmond-Howard Network?
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What do you see as the value in the relationship between our companies?
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What's the added value to our clients when we work together on projects?
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Brent Darnell
What happens when you cross a Georgia Tech engineering graduate with a writer, teacher, musician, playwright and actor? You get Brent Darnell.

Brent holds a mechanical engineering degree from Tech and has gone on to garner fame on an episode of “In the Heat of the Night”, pen several books, and develop a passion for teaching people skills to “techies”, including engineers and wireless workers. 

All of us are aware that our business is driven by being able to establish and maintain good relationships. According to Darnell, in technical industries, studies reflect that Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is more important than IQ, or pure intellect and expertise, when it comes to successful companies and careers.

Brent has a solid background in helping engineers and other technical professionals maximize their EQ and their people skills. Brent believes that by increasing their employees’ emotional intelligence, companies can enhance people skills and increase their bottom line.

Brent Darnell and Associates, Inc.
PO Box 13064
Atlanta, GA 30324
404-816-3204 fax
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