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Deb Sparks, Training Associate

What are the burning issues in wireless sales today?
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Why do these issues matter?
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What do you and your company do to help solve these problems?
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Who are your clients and how do you work with them?
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What's the payoff for your clients?
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How do you work with The Edmond-Howard Network?
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What do you see as the value in the relationship between our companies?
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What's the added value to our clients when we work together on projects?
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Deb Sparks
Deb Sparks brings more than 19 years of telecommunications experience to her facilitation of management workshops. During her tenure with Cellular One, Contel Cellular, GTE Wireless and Sprint PCS she was recognized nationally for her projects and performance in customer care, direct sales, indirect distribution, operations, sales and technical training and in marketing communications. Ms. Sparks has worked independently as a training/performance consultant for the past six years for such wireless companies as: Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless, Nextel, Sprint PCS, Airgate PCS, Powertel, PrimeCo and US Cellular and has focused her work on sales force development, interpersonal skills and the fundamentals of leadership.

Although Ms. Sparks consults independently within a few industries (broadcast, print media and automotive), she now affiliates herself with one "wireless telecommunications specialty" organization, the Edmond-Howard Network. In her facilitation of classes with/for the EHN, she says she especially finds the work with the wireless indirect channels to be particularly rewarding. She says that Account Managers are “some of the most talented individuals in the local wireless markets because their job requires such a broad set of skills”. And as a final word of caution, adds "If they are not the most talented and skilled, I'm happy to do my part to change that."

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