Alliance Partners

TracPoint Wireless
Brad MacArthur, President
Mark Landgren, Vice President

What are the burning issues in wireless sales today?
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Why do these issues matter?
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What do you and your company do to help solve these problems?
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Who are your clients and how do you work with them?
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What's the payoff for your clients?
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How do you work with The Edmond-Howard Network?
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What do you see as the value in the relationship between our companies?
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What's the added value to our clients when we work together on projects?
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Brad MacArthur
Brad has over 15 years of Wireless Industry experience. He started TracPoint Wireless 3 years ago based on the goal of providing turn-key sales and marketing solutions to wireless retailers. He has the unique experience of having managed all the major sales channels, including B2B, Retail, Indirect, Call Center and Internet sales. Prior to TracPoint Wireless Brad served as Vice President of Wireless at FFP Global, a Fulfillment and Call Center facility where he was responsible for developing Direct Mail & customer acquisition programs that utilized the company's 420 seat call center and distribution capabilities. Brad also worked with TSR Wireless for 5 years and opened up the Boston market (Indirect & Retail) and developed it into the fastest growing most profitable branch for TSR. As Northeast Regional Vice President of Retail, he then took on the responsibility of 125 multi carrier retail stores on the east coast that produced over 150,000 wireless phone activations per year. Prior to that Brad was a Senior Sales Manager with BellSouth's MobileComm, running the B2B channel in the New England market for 7 years.

Mark Landgren
Mark has over 15 years of business and legal leadership as an entrepreneur and attorney. He co-founded and later sold Legacy Athletic Apparel, a multi-million dollar manufacturing and distribution company, co-founded, an e-commerce retailer, and managed and sold Cap Factory, a mall-based retail kiosk company. Mark now focuses his talents on business and product development for the Wireless retailer. Mark has worked with TracPoint Wireless for two years providing innovative marketing solutions to the Wireless Industry.

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