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Bob Chapin, President

What are the burning issues in wireless sales today?
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Why do these issues matter?
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What do you and your company do to help solve these problems?
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Who are your clients and how do you work with them?
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What's the payoff for your clients?
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How do you work with The Edmond-Howard Network?
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What do you see as the value in the relationship between our companies?
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Bob Chapin bio

Bob Chapin began his marketing career producing corporate marketing films and TV commercials. Over the years he has provided dozens of companies with his creative marketing strategies. In 1987 he ventured into the wireless telecommunications sector providing marketing and advertising consulting to the land mobile communications market. He joined Cardiff Publishing in 1989 becoming the editorial director and associate publisher where he directed the editorial content and focus of such leading industry publications as Cellular Marketing, Satellite Communications, Communications, Global Communications and Voz y Datos. Bob was also the conference director for the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), Satellite Communications Users Conference (SCUC), and the Voz y Datos Expo in Latin America.

In 1990, he developed and implemented Cellular Marketing's Master Cellular Sales Certification curriculum, the first nationally offered training program for cellular sales executives. He has appeared as a moderator or a panelist on over one hundred wireless telecommunications panels.

Bob was a founder of Wireless Marcom, LLC, a ten year-old specialty consultancy. Bob has worked with numerous existing and startup wireless carriers, device manufacturers and application developers as they created and implemented their marketing plans and business processes. Bob is a Fellow of the Radio Club of America. Additionally he is a partner in The Wireless Experience, a company focused on training managers and sales personnel in wireless data sales. He is also a partner in the Andrew Seybold Group, consultants to mobile computing and communications companies.

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