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The Fast Track to Sales Gains

In the daily battle to generate new sales, wireless retailers face a common dilemma: How do you boost the skills of your staff yet minimize time away from the sales floor? Hownet's online training program is the effective and affordable solution.

Designed to accommodate today’s multimedia-savvy employees, the courseware includes audio, narrated text and colorful animations to enhance the learning experience. Modules can be completed in 20 minutes or less so they are seamlessly incorporated into busy work schedules. A comprehensive test follows each topic so it’s simple to track and measure your staff’s performance.

Once you decide to invest in our online training program, Hownet gives you the tools to successfully launch and manage it. Our secure web portal lets you communicate your training plan, organize and distribute courses, and track and measure performance.

Hownet Books
New Profits in Wireless Retailing
Designed to help you drive your sales, margins, traffic and merchandising.
Wireless Ways III
50 new ways to grow your retail, indirect, and business to business channels.
$29.95 Special Offer $19.95
Just Enough Wireless Computing
The Rosetta Stone that helps sales people decipher the language of wireless data technology.