Giving salespeople the tools they need

The job of retail is to make it easy for customers to buy. But the decisions wireless customers face are complex and the choice of devices, applications, services, and rate plans are confusing.

Hownet gives wireless retail salespeople the tools they need to help their customers make good buying decisions.

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Wireless Sales Training Series
The Essential Wireless Retail Manager
Reg. $549.90
Bundle just -- $299

Give your people the big picture: how to sell wireless, how to handle customer service issues, and how to increase their productivity and earning potential.

Bundle Includes:
New Profits in Wireless Retailing (reg $14.95)
People & Profits (reg $19.95)
Retail Sales Management
(reg $195)
Retail Sales Skills (reg $195)
Retail Sales Skills 2 (reg $125)
Special -- Together (reg $549.90) for $299
Save $250.90 -- 46% off
Bonus -- Free Leadership & Communication in Camelot
Bonus -- Free Captain Crisis



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People & Profits
Define how you can create new customers, increase your sales, and drive your gross profits.
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New Profits in Wireless Retailing
Designed to help you drive your sales, margins, traffic and merchandising.
Communication & Leadership in Camelot
When managers open their eyes, they learn how their people see things, and that’s the first step to improving communication.
New Profits in Wireless Retailing Workshop
By applying the learning points found in New Profits in Wireless Retailing to their own stores, this 54-page companion workshop will help management make more money.
Retail Sales Skills
Increase activations & profitability, reduce the costs of customer acquisition, & improve customer loyalty.
Retail Sales Skills 2
How to make customers feel good. Value what you sell. Make a good first impression...
Retail Sales Management
Designed to help retail sales managers improve their people's performance.
Customer Service Workshop
Designed to help your people discover new ways to make wireless customers happy.

Captain Crisis
The story uses literary and visual devices that takes the reader through the entire wireless retail selling cycle.