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Are all managers good communicators?
No. But, if managers open their eyes, they can learn how their people see things, and that’s the first step to improving communication. We created this book to encourage such ends. Since the subject is so challenging, we have made our recommendations as simple as possible. You will find no discussions of approachability, sincerity, listening, speaking, writing, reading nonverbal signals, or the application of advanced neurolinguistics, as worthy as these subjects might be. Instead you will discover:

How communication depends on perception
How continuity between expectations and realities establishes stability
How participation enhances understanding
How transferring responsibility for decision making encourages growth
How shared experience creates cohesion
How using the language of the people ensures comprehension

You may want to read this book, and enjoy it as a mild stimulant. At the same time, if you look beyond its deceptive simplicity, you may find it profitable to study the ideas presented. You may want to think through the story, and dig deep to identify concrete actions you can put to work immediately in your business to improve communication. In this way you may be able to bring unity to the sometimes fragmented business of human relations.

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