Wireless Sales Training Series
New Profits in Wireless Retailing
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“I designed this book to help you drive your sales, margins, traffic and merchandising.”

Ed Legum

LOOK INSIDE to see a recapitulation of all topics covered in the book from the Appendix.

What the industry is saying about the book:

“No matter if you own 1000 wireless retail stores or one, Ed Legum’s book is a must read. To put it another way: If you don’t read it and your competitors do you are toast!”
Andrew M. Seybold
“If you want to sell more cellular phones and service, this is the book for you. Very readable and packed with useful tools to help you improve your sales.”
Ron Schroll, Manager of Training, Verizon/GTE, 1992–2003
“Ed Legum has accomplished the impossible. He’s created a book on wireless retailing that is content rich, thoroughly engaging, and most importantly, immediately actionable. If you work in any aspect of wireless retailing, ignore this book at your peril!”
Ian Hayes, author of Just Enough Wireless Computing
“Ed Legum’s experience shines in this book.”
Michelle R. James, General Manager, The Brandsoup Agency
“Legum has captured the core components of wireless retailing, something no other author has accomplished. The real power of this read is that you walk away with real life examples that you can use to produce immediate results.”
Jay Meyer, Executive Director, Sales Training, Western Wireless
“It’s the definitive book on all aspect of running a wireless store the right way. It needs to be read and reread many times. It sparked a new way of thinking of my business today and what I need to change now. I wouldn’t want the competition to get this book.”
Gabe Tougas, Consumer Retail Sales Manager, MTS Mobility
“Too many wireless salespeople don’t have a clue about how to sell their products and services. Legum has created the perfect book for them, outlining what customers really need, why they need it and how to get them to buy it. If you’re running a retail wireless store – or work at one – buy this book now.”
Scott Goldman, first CEO of The WAP Forum

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