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New Profits in Wireless Retailing
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“I designed this book to help you drive your sales, margins, traffic and merchandising.”

Ed Legum

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Learn how to...

1.1  Know your competition.
1.2  Define your desired customer experience.
1.3  Define your wireless sales performance expectation.
1.4  Define your advertising strategy.
1.5  Advertise frequently.
1.6  Create an advertising scrapbook.
1.7  Create hard working ads.
1.8  Take action to get them in.
1.9  Take another look at it.
1.9.1  Track your advertising.
1.9.2  Use targeted direct mail.
1.9.3  Use a professional call center.

2.1  Tell the wireless story.
2.2  Create a display that teaches people how to buy wireless.
2.3  Display wireless applications and services.
2.4  Display wireless devices & accessories out in the open.
2.5  Display wireless data products and define the domain.
2.6  Display your carriers’ network capabilities.
2.7  Productize your rate plans and enhanced features.
2.8  Tell customers what’s on sale, or what’s special.
2.9  Make your displays make sense.
2.10  Display universal & wireless impulse items at your point of sale.
2.11  Straighten and refurbish displays two or three times a day.
2.12  Give your stores a personality.
2.13  Separate sales from customer service.
2.14  Take another look at it.
2.14.1  Admit that you have a problem.
2.14.2  Clean the place up.
2.14.3  Categorize your wireless merchandise.
2.14.4  Manage your traffic flow.
2.14.5  Eliminate physical barriers.
2.14.6  Display what’s hot up front.
2.14.7  Remove unnecessary P.O.P. displays.
2.14.8  Professionalize your signage.
2.14.9  Introduce your staff to your store.
2.15  Take action to improve your visual merchandising.

3.1  Put PEPP in your store.
3.2  Verify that all of your salespeople understand what they sell.
3.3  Build a team of enthusiastic salespeople.
3.4  Make empathy your company policy.
3.5  Clearly define performance expectations.
3.5.1  Greet each customer and introduce yourself.
3.5.2  Invite call-ins to visit the store.
3.5.3  Never prejudge your customers.
3.5.4  Ask questions to determine needs.
3.5.5  Ask customer to map where they will use service.
3.5.6  Explain why you offer a choice of rate plans.
3.5.7  Help your customers project their actual usage.
3.5.8  Determine customer interest before demonstrating.
3.5.9  Sell the obvious. Let your customer play with the phone.
3.5.10  Ask for confirmation^: Do they like what they see, hear, and feel?
3.5.11  Anticipate and prepare for common objections.
3.5.12  Never say, ‘Will that be all?’
3.5.13  Suggest accessories that will help your customers get the most out of their phones.
3.5.14  Suggest enhanced services that will help your customers get the most out of their service.
3.5.15  Suggest universal impulse items that anyone can use.
3.6  Reinforce wireless sales performance.
3.6.1  Set your performance criteria.
3.6.2  Observe performance.
3.6.3  Measure and publish wireless sales activity and results.
3.6.4  Coach individuals.
3.6.5  Train your team.

4.1  Run traditional retail p&ls on each of your stores.
4.2  Focus managers on growing sales and gross profit.
4.3  Implement & deploy an automation system for wireless retailing.
4.4  Streamline your Point-of-Sale transaction.
4.5  Capture and use customer information to personalize attention.
4.6  Measure productivity.
4.7  Analyze every aspect of your business.
4.8  Use measurement to motivate.
4.9  Take action to manage your operations.

5.1  Determine your wireless inventory turnover.
5.2  Determine your sales-to-wireless-inventory ratio.
5.3  Determine your ROII (Return on Inventory Investment).
5.4  Enhance your ROII with accessories.
5.4.1  Project and buy enough inventory, so your people can actively promote accessories.
5.4.2  Display prominently all accessory inventory.
5.4.3  Train your people how to sell accessories.
5.4.4  Measure and publish their phone-to-accessory ratios.
5.4.5  Reward salespeople for selling accessories.
5.5  Optimize your inventory movement.
5.6  Set min/max quantities.
5.7  Take action to control your wireless inventory.

6.1  Speak the language your carrier speaks.
6.2  To get what you want, help carriers get what they want.
6.3  Play by the rules and stay in the game.
6.4  Use your co-op money.
6.5  Increase your dollar per customer.
6.6  Cultivate customer loyalty.
6.7  Define your carrier’s value proposition.

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