Wirleess Sales Training Series
Retail Sales Skills ... $195.00

NEW! Revised, updated, and expanded!

Designed to help retail salespeople and managers in the wireless industry increase their activations, improve the profitability of each sale, reduce the costs of customer acquisition, and improve customer loyalty.Includes 62-page workbook, a copy of our famous Captain Crisis comic book on selling at retail, and a pad of customer profiles.

Building Rapport
Tools of selling
The retail selling cycle

Determining Needs
How to ask questions
Customer profiles
Phone selling

Introducing your rate plans
How to demonstrate
How to sell features
Competitive analysis
Trial closing

The Closing Process
18 objections & answers

Suggestive Selling
Adding on & selling up
Supporting your advertising
Impulse selling

Post Sale Follow Up
Why customers churn
The 1-5-30 followup alternative
A protocol for customer retention

Addendum: Measuring Performance

Thoughts on retail management
Where there is no attention, there is no energy

"Good retail training says to managers,"This is what you must look for when you observe performance. These activities take place in the stores, and to help your people, that is where you must be"

"Yet, I see retail managers spend their time doing things: spreadsheets for accounting: projections for senior management; reports for HR. They go to meetings and push paper."

"That's why I have this fear that retail managers are beginning to lose touch with what their people are doing. I've seen so much effort put into doing things, that there's precious little time Left for managers to focus their energy where it can do the most good on their people."


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