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Custom Wireless Data Sales Training Programs

Every company has its own unique way of approaching the wireless data domain. Our job at Hownet & The Wireless Experience is to provide a sales training program that is relevant to your company’s marketing and distribution strategies.

Have us customize a training program to fit your corporate strategy and requirements. You will be assured of receiving the best wireless data training available anywhere.

Our wireless data training programs are designed to help salespeople and their managers
 • Identify the key vertical industries for wireless data
 • Ask the discovery questions that reveal wireless data applications
 • Define wireless data solutions and value propositions
 • Create financial impact analyses and project wireless data ROI
 • Handle wireless data objections and close new wireless data sales

To start the thinking process, please consider the following outline --

Wireless Data Assessment
The first step in developing customized training is to perform a thorough assessment of your company’s wireless data status. Our assessment will address the topics that follow:

 • Your company overall strategy
 • Horizontals within each vertical
 • Your company wireless data offer
 • Your company competitive advantage [must be validated]
 • Your company wireless data market share
 • Your company value proposition
 • Performance expectations
 • The B2B wireless data sales cycle
 • Desired wireless data Prospecting, Discovery, Presentation, Closure activities
 • Wireless data sales productivity systems [measurement and observation tools]
 • Wireless data capability statement
 • Obstacles
 • Desired wireless data sales management reinforcement
 • Performance expectations

 • Short-term goals for wireless data activations
 • Long-term goals for wireless data activations
 • Related ARPU goals
 • Related COA goals
 • Related Churn expectations and goals
 • Your company-generated projections of ROI if all reps are certified in Wireless Data sales competency

Design brief
We define and present
 • Where your company is now
 • Where your company wants to be
 • How to get there
 • Obstacles to your company's success
 • Our services -- development, deliverables, and time line
 • Costs
 • ROI
 • How to proceed
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